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What's That Weird Spot? 7 Skin Issues You Should Get Checked Out

San Diego Dermatology Fox 5 News

~ Fox 5 News Video - Sunscreen Ingredient Increasing Cancer Risk
View Sunscreen Ingredient Cancer Risk

San Diego Dermatology NBC Video

NBC News Video - Remember Sunscreen?
View NBC Remember Sunscreen?

San Diego Dermatology KGTV Channel 10 News Video

KGTV Channel 10 News Video - Interview With Michelle Pelle, MD
View KGTV Channel 10 News Interview

Fox6 News

~ Fox 6 News Video Interview With Michelle Pelle, MD
View Fox 6 News Interview

~ View the Video Online at Fox6.com

San Diego Union Tribune Article: Aging has a new enemy
Pelle Tribune.pdf

Michelle Pelle, MD - Featured in Shape Magazine
Click Here to View Full Size Cover (PDF)

View Article in Shape Magazine
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Sunscreen Safety - SAN DIEGO (Ivanhoe Broadcast News)

Business Spotlight: MedDerm

~ Cutaneous Neoplasms Part 1 - Michelle Pelle, MD

~ Finding the Right Anti-Aging Cream